What is Your Impact?


In order to raise awareness of one’s carbon footprint, our group of three created a first-hand experience where people can physically and visually experience how our indifference to mundane tasks can ultimately add up to a detrimental future.
Creative Direction
User Experience

Documentation Video: Rachel Hong
Wall Design and Waste Research: Ashley Kim
Printed on acetate (clear film) and blown-up in size to emphasize the increasingly large impact we have on the environment. This is a color-coded infographic that the audience can read as they go through the installation.
Floor Design and Map Research: Jisu Chang

Printed on fabric to absorb the dripping watercolors. This is a graphic of Rhode Island, where the installation takes place, and it indicates which areas are the most at risk in flooding due to these factors. It is also a map that leads the audience through the installation.

What’s Next and Taking Accountability: Rachel Hong
When leaving the installation, we hoped that the audience is able to get something more from this 3-dimensional experience, besides understanding the impact, but also knowing what to next to prevent this. Therefore, we included this last poster of the importance of recycling and being transparent about what we will do with the materials we used in the project.
Final Documentation