Sock Bear

Product Design

Sock Bear is an eco-friendly doll that holds socks that have lost its pair in the dryer. Instead of throwing the socks out, Sock Bear holds onto them until you can find the other pair.
Independent Work
Creative Direction
Brand Identity
Zine Design

Ever lose a sock in the Dryer?

Sock bear exists for your lonely socks, and your lonely socks only!

 Sock Bear is a project that was inspired by two memories growing up: a memory of always obtaining second hand clothing from my older brother and a memory of my mother hand-stitched stuffed dolls from socks that lost their pair in the wash. With these memories, I merged them into an idea about creating a doll, made from clothes that were thrifted second-hand, that would hold onto socks that lost their pair in the wash.

Sock Bear has a pouch in the front that is used to carry the socks that don’t have a pair. To explain the concept of Sock Bear, I designed a tag, that mimics tags that are often attached to stuffed toys. The tag is a mini zine tag that is like a little book that explains the concept of Sock Bear.
Materials & Process

I decided to not use a template for sewing the bear because I chose to mimic the way my mother used to make stuffed animals and sew them as they are with the material given. I used both machine and hand sewing, and I desconstructed a blue baby onesie, pink hoodie, brown sweater, and a llama stuffed animal, which were all bought at the local thrift store in hopes of reviving already used things.
Package Design